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Hospital Personnel’s Cancer Screening For Prevention Behavioral Intention

The model of reasoned action added the prior experience of cancer screening and assessed the effect on self- reported cancer screening behavior among personnel in a medical center. The participants included 94 physicians, 611 nurses, 134 technicians, and 243 administrators with responding rates of 20.61%, 51.13%, 32.92%, and 60.15% respectively. We primary test the bivariate relationship between cancer screening utilization and other variables, secondary analyze regression model of behavioral intention. The bivariate result showed that the females, the married, the older, or the technicians were more likely to utilize cancer screening. And, the physicians and nurses were less likely to utilize cancer screening. In regression model, the strongest predictor was attitude and subjective norm. After the experience of cancer screening was added as an independent variable, R square was increased. The experience of cancer screening is an important factor of the intention to cancer screening behavior. Keywords- Cancer Screening, Behavioral Intention, Prior Experience, Hospital Personnel