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Study of Visual Perception of Woman Shoes For Product’s Design Reference Case Study: Online Small Medium Enterprise

Challenge of online business in Indonesia is getting competitive. Online fashion business is massively increasing. In line with the increasing of the business, the small medium enterprise (SME) activist are competing to do some activities to fulfil 3 things, those are innovativeness, prestige, and workmanship. Unfortunately, those things are not the main indicators that consumer looks at to shop online. A study about visual perception of consumer can be a reference to shop online. In the pre research, researcher did a small research to knowing about consumer’s interest in buying shoes product online based, it shows that consumer’s references are about model, trend, and prices. These things create a research’s question about how visual perception of consumer can be learned as the reference of design process in online SME. The research method is quantitative research using measurement of consumer’s perception with an instrument called Visual Analogue Scale (VAS). VAS is a method to measure the interest of consumers to certain design (to be called as stimulus). With using VAS test to the stimulus, SME can do an efficiency design and also knowing the market precisely. Keywords- SME, Visual Perception, Design, Woman Shoes