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Study on Comprehensive Landscape Approach For the Riverfront in the Center City of Chongqing

The riverfront hydro-fluctuation belt (HFB) formed after impounded by the three gorges reservoir is the crucible to us, but also the opportunity for the riverfront cities in the three gorges reservoir. The aim is to find a Comprehensive Landscape Approach adjusted to the hydro-fluctuation belt phenomenon, and integrate multi-value and multi-technology for the environment changes and human development. The study is based on five case studies that selected from the systematic long-term investigation to the riverfront in the center city of Chongqing. The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method was used to analysis samples on ecology, landscape shape and humanization. In our study, we attempt to research a comprehensive landscape approach which adapted to the environment phenomenon and human activity, build a integrate technology system which aim to guide the riverfront development in the future. Key words- Comprehensive Landscape; Hydro-Fluctuation Belt; Riverfront landscape; Three Gorges Reservoir