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Utilizing and Management of Cattle Fattening Waste in Samsun Province of Turkey

The issue of utilizing and management of waste sourced from cattle breeding activities has the priority for firms and government whom responsible for protecting of environment and people. Therefore, the purposes of the research were (i) to determine the amount of by-product and waste occurred during the stage of pre-slaughtering and after slaughtering, (ii) to outline current situation in management of cattle fattening waste and, (iii) to explore the awareness level of cattle breeders in Samsun. Research data were collected form randomly selected 38 breeders through questionnaires from 21 slaughterhouse operators via individual interviews and quantified observations. Process evaluation approach was used to determine the amount and form of utilizing of animal waste. Consciousness level of breeders were elicited by using Likert scale. Research results showed that annually 240 thousand tons of animal waste were generated in Samsun. However, waste management system ins slaughter house was not institutional. Research results also showed that cattle breeders were not aware of the economical contribution of animal waste and their consciousness level were not satisfactory level. The union of cattle breeders were willing to invest money to establish plant for utilizing animal waste. Designing education program for breeders on waste utilizing and management, providing financial and technical support to union for setting up waste treatment plant and adjusting intro-structure and legislation may increase the economic contribution generated from animal waste and reduce the adverse effect of waste to the environment. Keywords- Cattle breeding, animal waste, waste management, Samsun.