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Assessment of Brand Identity of Suchirayu Hospital

Health care industry is changing rapidly; in the earlier times, people used to visit the same doctor for years and the association was continued even for generations. For a company to build a good brand, brand identity and brand image need be congruent. This research is attempting to analyze and address patient inflow particularly during the period 2015-2016 at Suchirayu Hospital, Hubli-Dharwad District, Karnataka, India. This study investigates brand identity and brand image in the newly established hospital, Suchirayu. The aim of this study is to assess existing brand identity vis-à-vis consumer perception of Suchirayu Private Hospital. This study uses both qualitative and quantitative method approach. The qualitative method uses interview as the survey approach, in order to obtain information concerning the brand identity of the hospital. The quantitative method uses questionnaire as the survey method, conducted among the patients of Suchirayu Hospital, concerning the brand image. The study concluded stating that, “Suchirayu brand identity and brand image are not congruent and the brand image is not mirroring the brand identity defined by the hospital”. Key Words- Brand Identity, Brand Image, Perception