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Determining the Factors and User Expectations of Social Media in Health Care

In this competitive era, it is necessary for every industry to adapt to the changing times and the Healthcare industry is in no way different. Social Media adoption is relatively new to the healthcare sector. It can help change the way hospitals reach out to their patients and enhance the patient’s experience. With the help of Social Media, hospitals can reach out to a wider community, but also helps in creating awareness. Every hospital has to have a strategy before adoption of Social Media in order to maximize the effectiveness. The purpose of this study is to determine the factors that affect the usage and the expectations of the users. Primary data was collected with the help of a structured validated (Cronbach’s alpha – 0.8) questionnaire and data was collected from a sample size of 100. The data was analyzed with the help of factor analysis and descriptive analysis using SPSS 20 tool and Excel. The factors determining the use include Research oriented, Information seeking, Communication, Influence and Privacy. Majority of the respondents were willing to use Social Media to enhance their health and well being and they use the internet to research and collect information regarding healthcare. Social Media is seen to have an effect on the decisions made by the patients in terms of their health. The only concern they found were in terms of privacy issues which could interfere with their usage. If hospitals can develop strategies to improve their Social Media use and revolve around the needs of the users, the outcome can be limitless. Keywords— Social Media, Platforms of Social Media, User Expectation,