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An Empirical Study on Marketing Mix Strategies on Healthcare Services in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Health sector is facing a rapid growth in India’s booming Population. The present trend in setting up of hospitals is becoming a challenging job to establish better brand image in healthcare market as there is huge competition involved. The concept of marketing health care industries has become the buzzword in the last decade, as a result of dramatic increase in health care business worldwide. Hence in order to sustain the healthcare market, hospitals are adopting innovative marketing strategies. Hence this research paper was addressed the effective ways in formulating marketing mix strategies in selected tertiary care hospital in the field of healthcare Industry. The aim of this research was, to carry out an empirical study on marketing mix strategies on healthcare services in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Chitradurga region. Initially pilot study was conducted in Basaveshwara Medical College Hospital (BMCH) and Research centre, Chitradurga and later in other hospitals like Shamnur Shivashankar Institute of Medical Sciences(SSIMS), Davanagere, Subbiah Institute of Medical Sciences(SIMS), Shivamogga. Based on the data collected structured survey questionnaire was framed and primary data was collected for analysis. The data’s were analyzed using SPSS to check the validity and reliability of tools used, namely: Cronbach’s Alpha Test, KMO and Bartlett’s Test. Subsequent to this, Chi – Square test and ANOVA was carried out to identify the significant impact and the relationship between marketing mix strategies and its effect on the healthcare services. The results shows that there is a significant relationship between patience’s awareness on health concepts and the practice of health programs opted by the hospitals. It is noticed that, majority of the tertiary hospitals have a low tendency of formulating and implementing marketing mix strategies. Hence, it is suggested to promote health care awareness through Accredited Social Healthcare Activists(ASHA) by conducting health campaigns in Chitradurga region. It is also recommended to implement the micro schemes to increase the bed occupancy rate, improve continued medical educational programs to medical and nursing staff. Keywords— Marketing Mix Strategy, Healthcare Market.