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An Alternative For the Daily Household Fuel Needs For Cooking Through Biogas With a Special Reference to Tripura

Today as the global energy demand increases, the price of the fossil fuels also increased. Due to this fact in Tripura, people living rural areas are using firewood as their principal source of energy for cooking and heating purpose. This source of energy has its share of ill-effects like, local deforestation, health issues etc. Scientist from all over the world has been trying to find technologies to utilize various renewable energy sources present in nature e.g. solar energy. But in comparison to other renewable source energy, biogas has proved itself in various parts of the world. It is basically a gaseous mixture of Methane, Carbon di Oxide, and Nitrogen etc. where Methane is the main energy source in Biogas. It can be produced in a digester through an anaerobic fomentation process called methanogenesis by anaerobic microbes namely acidogens and methanogens. There are various types of feed stocks used for Biogas production, kitchen waste and agricultural waste mixture co-digested with cow dung is most suited for Tripura. In the past Tripura government constructed many Biogas plant and recently under IVBMMP (National Biogas and Manure management programme) it has commissioned more than biogas plants. Deenbandhu model of Biogas plant was used for constructing the majority of these plants. It has been estimated that in Tripura, if a family has 2 cows as their domestic cattle then they can produce enough Biogas for their household. Even though Biogas technology is profitable but still only a fraction of the total population in rural areas of Tripura are using it. Keywords— Renewable energy, Biogas, co-digestion, Methanogenesis, Acidogens, and Methanogens.