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E-Learning’- A Boon For Distance Education

The world is changing, some say faster than ever, some say irreversibly, and all argue about whether the change is for the better or for the worse. What is driving this change is the immersion of our society into a new way of communicating. Where we once had to wait days, weeks, or months to talk to distant friends and family, we now view a delay of a few seconds as an inconvenience. We can take our letter-writing devices, phones, photos, and music, among other things, with us wherever we go, and our modern lives revolve around this ability. Educational systems are changing at great speed and the technology is changing rapidly. Older technology is replaced by new technological phenomena and the new ones are being adopted and these are affecting the educational systems. In many countries, many university systems have adopted distance education to solve their educational dilemmas. Although sometimes considered to be the poorer cousin of regular college programmes, distance learning comes as a blessing to students who want to study further while continuing with jobs or who might not be able to attend a full-time course for various reasons. The most frequent query from students is related to the confusion over the value of a distance learning programme. The answer to this totally depends on the student. Some students can make the most out of a distance learning programme, but there are also others who are not comfortable with this pattern. What higher education systems can do for their societies are to improve and to reinforce the presenteducational systems, to utilize distance education in the most proper ways, to apply advanced communication technologies, and to use the experiences of the countries that have been successful in using distance education. E-learning is a part of new dynamics that characterises the educational system. It has become an important part of the society, comprising an extensive array of digitalization approaches, components and delivery methods. The use of information and communication technologies(ICT) for educational purpose has increased, & the spread of network technologies has caused e-learning practices to evolve significantly.The purposes of this research paper is to discussthe importance of e-learning and to draw a conclusion that distance education is a boon to many learners. Key Words- communication, distance education, learner, learning, e-learning, media