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Asynchronous E-Learning Module For Aquaculture Development in Gujarat

e-Learning is a modern tool in agriculture and aquaculture to propoagate instant scientific information and knowledge to farmers and other stakeholders. ICT based dissemination system has initiated in the form of e-Learning module in aquaculture in Gujarat under Tribal Sub Plan Programme. Opinion of 60 tribal farmers of Pathri village, Navsari, Gujarat, on information needs in aquaculture and allied activities have been investigated. Based on the needs, e-Learning module titled “Banana shrimp: A potential diversified species for culture in low temperature coastal areas” was developed in English and Hindi. The module contains the information about seed availability, culture practices, economics and contact address etc. The prepared module was presented to the participants in the training programme conducted in Gujarat. Majority of the respondents agreed that they had intension to use the module in future (84%) and module is useful to deliver accurate and useful information (90%) to the tribal/aqua farmers and extension educators for knowledge sharing. This study also indicates that continuous efforts are required to improve the awareness about the usage of ICT tools and to establish the dissemination system and maintenance mechanism. Keywords— ICT, e-Learning, Aquaculture, Tribes.