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Emotion Management of Children With Special Needs in their Learning Process With the Use of Alternative Method in the Form of Herbal Bath and Massage Therapy, A Case Study

This case study was carried out to observe the outcome of herbal bath and massagetherapy, used as an alternative method to assist children with special needs, in managing their emotions and behaviour. Observations and interviews were conducted with the herbal and bath massage therapist for special needs teacher Mr. Abdul Halim Yasin who havetested this alternative therapy on seven children (2 girls and 5 boys) from the special needs unit of SekolahKebangsaan Kepong Kuala Lumpur and (SRKK) and 17students (6 girls and 11 boys) from SekolahKebangsaanSetiaAlam, Shah Alam (SKSA) which brings to a total number of 24 special needs students involved in this case study. The methodology used in this case study is through observations and interviews with the children’s parents and their special needs teachers which began from 2012, for a duration of 6 months in SRKK, and in the year 2015 for 8 months in SKSA. The outcome of this case study showed that the bath and message therapy practised, could control the emotions of pupils with special needs and help them to be more focused during the teaching and learning process. After 6 months of the study carried out in SKKK on the special needs children, it was found that the children were able to read and they were more independent; whereas the findings at SKSA showed that the 17 LINUS students (literacy and numeracy screening) in the special needs classroom displayed positive changes and could read in just three months of therapy. The data for this case study was collected through video recordings before, during and after the herbal bath therapy by the therapist.Through the case study conducted the students in special needs class could manage their emotions and be more focus in their studies. Keywords- herbal bath and message therapy, children with special needs, alternative therapy