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Influence of Climate Leadership Organization and Principal on the Performance of Teacher SMK Pelita Harian Indonesia

Conducive organizational climate within an organization will create morale subordinates so that the subordinates will carry out its work with the optimal and then the situation is supported by the leadership of a good principal will also affect the performance improvement of existing teachers at SMK Pelita Harian Indonesia. Organizational climate is a characteristic that exist in an organizational environment that could contribute to employee motivation that exist in the organization and can contribute to the improvement of the performance of each employee. Principal is a figure that should be emulated by the teachers in the schools because the existing leadership at the head of the school will provide a change of behavior towards teachers as a subordinate and proteges. Teacher performance is the result done by the teachers in carrying out his duties as a teacher through the implementation of the learning process carried out by the teachers at his school. Kerhasilan teachers in their duties can be gauged from the successful implementation of the test conducted at the school where students can answer the whole question exam given at the time of the exam. Keywords— Organizational Climate, Leadership Principals and Teachers Performance.