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The Impacts of Parent's Perceptions of Teacher Attribute on Awareness of Early Childhood Educational Community

This paper presents the impacts of teacher’s attribute on the early childhood educational community. The participants of this study are 388 parents (194 mother and 194 mother) with preschooler in South Korea. The results showed that 1) mother’s and father’sperception to their child’s teacher’ attribute and early childhood educational community were different significantly. 2) ’character’ of teacher’s attribute had statistical influence on sub factor ‘partnership’ of educational community in mother’s and father’s perception. 3)‘Character’, ‘skills’, and ‘attitude’ of teacher’s attribute had statistical influence on ’sharing core value’ of educational communityin the only mother’s perception. This results suggest that teacher’s ‘character’ of sub factors of attribute is a significant predictor of parent’s perception of educational community. Index Terms— Teacher’s Attribute, Early Childhood Educational Community, Parent’s Perception.