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Romance For the Romantic Poets

The romantic direction in art , literature and music, and that the figures confirm on the feeling, the emotion, and often use fantasy born freely from actually related laws and regulations, and romantic poets mixed with nature with its sorrow and confuse between it and their self-feelings. The phenomenon of pain was considered a general phenomenon, reflected in literature as romantic poets suffered a lot in his life, that’s what made him shave in a fantasy world, and swim with nature to relieve it, and the relationship of men and women admiration and inspired relationship, acquire from its beauty headwaters of emotional experience to come from his great description for her sensuous and spiritual beauty. Romantic poets often uses Symbolizes, we found that they symbol for the cheek as an apple or a flower or an alabaster or agulnar.And they symbol for the smile as cherry and sapphire and purple. The romantic poets often run away from real life to another world, reflect on it, and resent the universe and broadcast their grievances and grief, surrender to it share their sorrows, because the mixture between them is too big. Keywords- (romance, nature, pain, spinning, meditation)