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The Bumpy Road to a PHD Degree: The Experience of Women Language Instructors as Doctoral Students in Turkey

The number of language instructors at tertiary level who earn a doctoral degree has been increasing in Turkey. Research suggest that doctoral students, especially female students, experience several challenges during their studies, which significantly influence their well-being. This study aimed to investigate some of the major challenges the language instructors in Turkey perceive as doctoral students. The emergent themes as articulated by participants are explicated. Interviews were conducted with eight Turkish language instructors who are current doctoral students. The results indicate that the concerns of women language instructors enrolled in a doctoral program are mainly related to psychosocial and home/work related and academic. Time pressure, stress, lack of motivation, conflict due to multiple roles, challenges related to personal and professional life, isolation, were reported as the main concerns. As a result, some strategies are needed to help women doctoral students overcome the challenges they experience during their doctoral studies. Keywords- women/female, EFL instructors, doctoral study/PhD, challenges, well-being