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Enhancing the Mandarin Industry of Malabing Valley, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Malabing Valley, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines is known for its Mandarin production. In fact, this led the provincial government to include the mandarin farms as part of its plans for an eco-tourism project. However, in recent years, mandarin production has been declining and some farmers are turning to other livelihood projects. This study was conducted to look into thenature and structure of the mandarin industry and to make recommendations for government intervention to boost the current status of the industry and to support its plans to create Nueva Vizcaya as an eco-tourism destination. Qualitative research was used to map the mandarin chain, analyze the price and cost structure of the industry and recommend projects for government intervention in the industry based on development thrusts of stakeholders. Data were collected from different agencies and by interviewing key players in the mandarin commodity chain. Key informant interviews and focus group discussion were likewise conducted. Recommended interventions are:organization of farmers into clusters; expansion of credit services; establishment of strategies for the control and monitoring of seedling production; conduct of extension services and trainings for farmers on proper utilization of farm inputs; establishment of irrigation system; rehabilitation of poor roads and construction of new farm to market roads; provision of a packing house with mechanical sorting and packing facilities; conduct of research on prolonging shelf life of mandarin fruits; and establishment of market linkages. Index Terms- Nature and Structure, Mandarin, Nueva Vizcaya,