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The Deterrent Effect of Punishment, Target Hardening, and Personal Criminal Experiences Upon Future Expectations of Re-Offending Among Burglars in South Korea

The deterrent effect of punishment has been one of the most controversial issues in criminal justice. Many empirical studies have consistently evaluated the importance of the elements of punishment: including the severity, certainty, and celerity of punishment. In addition, situational crime prevention has suggested various effective strategies for target hardening. Unfortunately, until now, these approaches have been largely examined separately without the ability for simultaneous examination to compare their relative power of deterrence. Accordingly, the goal of this study is to evaluate simultaneously the comparative deterrent effect of both the elements of punishment and the concepts of target hardening in order to locate the factors that significantly deter burglars from committing their offenses in South Korea. The results of this study indicate the certainty of punishment and the presence of window sills exhibit some deterrent effects. Keywords- crime prevention, punishment,deterrence, target hardening, burglary, Recidivism