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Politics of Internal Change Agents and Effective Organizational Change in Nigeria: An Overview

Globalization has transformed the entire world into a global village where there is an ever increasing contentions and contests among business organizations. Consequently, the most effective and rewarding practice for organizations is to create, through change process, innovative ways of doing business. This article focuses on the politics of internal change agents and effective organizational change aimed at effective and efficient management of modern organizations. Organizations use the permanent vision of change as the power to compete in a progressively more competitive and globalized economy. A review of literature on organizational change and change management, organizational politics, causes of political behaviours in organizations and change agents roles were undertaken. The review indicated that political behaviour is an inherent aspect of human life who has innate penchant towards power striving, which can cause workplace political behaviour where it comes into tension with the division of labour and resources allocation. Internal change agents are seen as having an advantage of organisation-wide knowledge and being readily available. However, when they are seem as part of the problem, can serve as resistance to change. It was recommended that change agents should isolate the key areas to be affected by employees and then putting in place appropriate initiatives to help them adapt to the changes with minimal resistance and political manipulations. Organizations are also encouraged to adopt a combination of both internal and external change agents in initiating and implementing organizational change. Keywords- Politics, Organizational change, Change agent.