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Evaluation of Project Management Capability Based on Business Process of Bidding For Plant Projects

Since the global financial crisis, the Korean domestic construction market has continuously experienced downturns, and the Korean domain construction firms have been persistently deteriorated. Domestic construction firms have rapidly advanced to overseas markets exclusively for the construction contract packages. One of the critical issues the Korean firms have faced was project management capability across all phases in project execution. In this sense, the purpose of this research is to evaluate the PM capability of Korean construction industry for overseas plant project in bidding phase. Seventeen construction business functions were defined first. Based on these functions, PM capability was quantified. Findings of this research revealed that capability for procurement management is quite competent, capabilities for planning, design management, contracting and risk management are found to be relatively low, where higher value can be added. In addition, it is found that R&D needs to be extended to develop systemized management techniques. It is also required to secure specialist and original technologies at national industrial level. Index Terms— Business Process, OPM3, Project Management, Plant.