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Sharia Insurance Role in Improving the Agriculture Based on Green Economy Concept in Indonesia

This journal concern about the unbalance world in terms of doing the economic activities, with promoting green economy concept in order to not only concern about profit in economics but also concern about the environment. One the most influential sector in Indonesia economics is farming, but the author believe that there is so many farmers using inorganic farming and abandoned the long term negative effect of the inorganic farming. To encourage farmers to develop organic farming which is suitable with green farming concept, authors offer Islamic insurance scheme as a risk transfer medium, so that the farmers willing to apply new agricultural technologies, including organic farming. The purpose of this research are : (1) Determine the general condition of agriculture in Blitar. (2) Describe the community's understanding Blitar about organic farming. (3) Analyze the role of Islamic insurance to the development of agriculture in the district of Blitar. The results from the observation in district Blitar showed that agriculture is a major sector in economic development in Blitar, proven through the contribution of agriculture amounted to 44.4% of GDP in Blitar which we can say that Blitar is a agriculture city. But the majority of farmers in Blitar still using non-organic farming methods which is not environmentally friendly because the non-organic farming using a dangerous chemical. So we use Islamic Insurance as a solution to stimulate the anorganic farmer become the organic farmer which more environmental friendly. Keywords- Green Farming, Sharia Insurance