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Study of Internal Factors Affecting Performance of Planning Consultant in Bandung at Hotel Projects

Hotel is a commercial building that has function and important role in the economy and development of the local area. In the year of 2015 till 2018, hotels development had begun intensively and this was supported by research of Top Hotel Projects which said that a lot of new investments started in 2015 especially for the projects in mid-class hotel. Due to the role of the hotel is very important for a region, therefore the performance of building’s design consultant becomes important to assure that the outcome document of hotel projects are completed on time and qualified in accordance with the criteria of the owner as well as constructable for contractors. Building’s planning consultants have to maintain their performance especially for company's classification in medium and large, because they play big role in planning hotel projects in many cities. In this research has been identified five internal factors affecting the performance of building’s planning consultants, that is: (1) human resource management, (2) financial health, (3) human resource’s competencies, (4) company's competency, and (5) working methods of planning. Base on the results obtained from path analysis, the performance of building’s planner consultant can be explained by all five variables at 89.8 % and the remaining 10.2% is explained by variables outside the model. The results of analysis obtained from this research show that the overall performance of building’s planning consultants in Bandung in good level (Y = 4.04).While the mean rank of each variable is (1) financial health (X2 = 4.09); (2) human resource’s competencies (X3 = 4.02), (3) working methods of planning (X5 = 4.03), (4).human resource management (X1 = 3.91), and (5) company's competency (X4 = 3.80). The results of path analysis also show that the dominant variable affecting the performance of the building’s planning consultant directly is human resource’s competencies (X3) = 0.350; the dominant variable affecting indirectly is human resource’s competencies (X3) via company's competency (X4) = 0.581 and the dominant path is human resource management (X1) via human resource’s competencies (X3) = 0.262. Due to the mean between five variables of performance are in a good range / high, this mean that the performance of building’s planning consultant in Bandung is good categories especially for mid-class hotel projects. Meanwhile, though the human resource’s competency is the dominant variable, but the most significant indicator towards performance is profitability of company from variable of financial health. Keywords- Internal Factors, Performance of Building’s Planning Consultant, Mid-Class Hotel Project, Path Analysis.