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Effort of Inundation Handling Based on Environmental Concept in Drainage System at Subdistrict Panakkukang, Makassar City

Makassar City is one of the major cities in Indonesia, which is prone to flooding because the located adjacent to the beach and has relatively flat topography. One of which is Subdistrict Panakkukang with a population of 145.132 habitants and an area of 17,05 km2 is growing rapidly. When the rainy season arrives this area is inundated, and a problem that has not been handled each year. Control inundation still using conventional system are considered ineffective. Therefore, the drainage system is needed environmentally sound. In this research, data analysis with quantitative descriptive method and analyze in hidrology and hydraulics. The first planning stages of inundation handling is done by collecting primary and secondary data. Calculation of the period of rain with a period of 5 years for secondary channel and 10 years for the primary channel according to the type of residential area of the medium city. Based on the analysis, there are 13 channels from 26 channels with a total capacity can not accommodate of 2,32 m3/sec inundation discharge. Then alternative to dealing with issues such inundation with as many as 648 pieces of recharge wells to be permeated with a total of 2,41 m3/sec inundation discharge. Index Terms— Infiltration Wells, Inundation, Runoff, Subdistrict Panakkukang.