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Evaluation of Various Modes Used by Various Banks to Increase Customer Awareness Towards Banking Services

Commercial banks are financial institutions that accepts deposits and offers loans to public in order to fulfil their credit needs. Other than financial services they also provide services like credit and debit cards, transfer of funds, locker facility, loan schemes, foreign exchange, merchant banking services, gift cheques, demat services etc. In this competitive environment, the main objective of banks is to increase market share and to maximize its profits. Bringing in new, advanced and innovative technology into the market can be one way to achieve it.At the same time it is important for banks to spread awareness about such innovative products so that customers can easily use them fearlessly and can take benefits by using them. Hence, it becomes important for banks to spread awareness through various modes. through this research, researcher has made an attempt to find out the various modes that impacts the awareness levels of customers. Index terms- customer awareness, banking services.