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Studying the Effect of in-Service Educations on Organizational Change and Productivity of Staff (Case Study: Municipality of District 2, Shiraz)

Objective: the present research aims to study the effect of in-service educations on organizational change and productivity of municipal staff in district 2 of Shiraz Method: this is an applied research regarding the objective and descriptive-correlative regarding its implementation. Population and sampling method: statistical population of the present research includes all municipal staff (230 persons) in district 2 of Shiraz and concerning Morgan table, 144 persons were chosen as sample size. Research instrument: questionnaires of in-service educations, human source productivity and organizational change have been used. Data analysis: SPSS was used to analyze information and Smirnov-Kolmogorov test was applied to study data normalization, regression and Pearson correlation coefficient tests were used to explore the relationship and predictability of variables, variance analysis test was used to study the effect of variables on each other. Results and conclusion: in-service educations are effective on variables such as organizational change, productivity, empowerment, perception & recognition and occupational adaptation but they are not effective on variables of occupational motivation and the necessity & emergency of organizational change. In addition, in-service education has the most positive and significant effect on 1- modern cultural view 2- development of perspective and strategy 3- creation of short term achievement 4- transfer of change perspective to others 5- change creation 6- guide integration Keywords- in-service education, occupational motivation, staff productivity, organizational change, empowerment