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Marketing Ethics

Marketing ethics is an area applied ethics which deals with the moral principles behind the operation and regulation of Marketing. People are made to participate in research without their knowledge or consent. An individualLooses his right to choose whether he wants to take part in marketing research or no which unethical and debarring him of his fundamental rights. Also sometimes employer (marketer) forces his employees(customers) to participate in a research and thus its amount to coercion which is not ethical for conducting a sound marketing research. Almost all the theoretical efforts in marketing ethics is normative and not positive. In other words theoretical works have been focused only on developing guidelines or rules to assist marketers in their efforts to behave in ethical fashion. In contrast, this article is descriptive and not prescriptive. The article begins with a discussion and evaluation of two major normative ethical theories in moral philosophy. The article then develops a positive theory of marketing ethics and uses that theory to explain some of the empirical research that has been conducted in the area of marketing ethics. Aim Of the Study: The aim of the study is how marketer use their dual background to recognize business opportunities. Finding a response to this research question would not only contribute to the literature by providing empirical data, but also allow us to judge, whether the marketer background in fact adds value to ones opportunity recognition skill. This research adopts a case study approach to understand and analyze how the market researcher use their dual-background to evaluate and discover opportunities for ethical marketing to enhance the business. Methodology: The methodology is by collecting both qualitative and quantitative data. Conclusion: The philosophy of marketing is to win customer loyalty by reinforcing the positive values of the brand, creating a strong citizen brand. This can happen only through ethical marketing.However ethics in professional life is not a new thing. Ethics have around ages .Today every profession have its own ethics. Marketers are no exception. So we have to remember that wherever we go and whatever we do we should follow ethical code of conduct. Keywords— Descriptive, prescriptive, Business opportunities ,Ethical code of conduct.