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Use of Waste Fiber Materials as a Stabilizing Agent in Geotechnical Field: A Case Study

The waste fiber materials is an environmental hazard and disposal of waste fiber is a major problem. In this paper an attempt is made to study the effective use of waste fiber materials as a stabilizing agent. An experimental investigation is carried out to study the effect of waste fiber materials on engineering properties of soil. The engineering properties considered are Optimum Moisture Content, Maximum Dry Density and California Bearing Ratio. The changes in these properties of the natural soil with the addition of waste fiber in different proportions were evaluated. It is observed that the above properties have optimally improved by adding waste fiber. This study shows that waste fiber can be satisfactorily used as a stabilizing agent for sub-grade layers and sub-base layers of a flexible pavement. The results obtained are compared for the two samples and inferences are drawn towards the usability and effectiveness of fiber reinforcement as a replacement for deep foundation or raft foundation, as a cost effective approach. The study area considered is Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. Index Terms— Fiber materials, stabilizing agent, OMC, MDD, CBR.