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Impact of Television Reality Shows in Youth of Ambikapur

Indian reality shows are the latest buzzword for the television industry. It is the latest mantra of television producers and channel executives. It is the technique to amplify TRP ratings. Most of the television shows which are being telecast nowadays are reality shows specializing in dancing, singing, and acting. To study the opinions of the Youth regarding the influence of Reality Shows in Ambikapur District the research was conducted in 2016 with the objective to assess the impact of reality television shows among the youth and any gender influences in the impact of reality shows among the youth. The youths of study area liked strongly the TV programs and gave high response for statements like television reality shows help participants to showcase their talents, help people to earn quick money, provide awareness on current & social issues and TV show hardly develop the qualities of talented people. Keywords— Reeling Reality Contemporary Shows Entertainment Genres, Social Realism, New Genre, Psychological Impact, Cultural Hegemony, Cultural Materialism, Impact, Common Man.