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Social Innovation of Small-Sized School Under Khonkaen Primary Education Service Area Office 5: A Case Study

This study aimed to shed light on the phenomenon based on components of social innovation in small-sizeschool under KhonKaen Primary Education Service Area Office 5, Thailand. Because of this is a case study investigation, only a casethat is KaowongDongsakranradfha School which is a small-sized school was involved in this study. KaowongDongsakranradfha School was eligible to be selected because this school is utilizing social innovation. Qualitative data were collected using participative observation and interview methods. A total of 20 key informants consisted ofschool administrator, teachers, students, guardians, community leaders, and basic education committee were participated in this study. Social innovation that according to Lynden’s (2014) concept was used in this key encompassed socially transformative process, product, and innovative process. Descriptive statistic like mean score, percentage as well as content analysis were utilized to analyze the obtained data.Findings of this study indicated that in terms of socially transformative process, the innovation was produced from creativity of participatory transformation and developed from the ambition of remote areas.In addition,teacher was social innovator creating the innovation bringing about to the connection between sectors of society with the purpose of successful school transformation.As a result, it caused the butterfly phenomenon that impacted the social transformed into better way by applying management principle called 4M’s in order to solving social problems. Product was derived from the innovation namely “Online Volunteer Spirit Network for Small-Sized School Development” by changing the channel from website into Facebook which was used by a lot of users including convenient and fast for communication. As a result, it caused the provision of new things that supported the school resulting in the suggestion of many things connected to the needs of the innovation users. The suggestion for the new sharing channel of social via Facebook led to volunteer spirit activity for conservative tourism.Innovative process caused the transformation of interaction leading the cooperation of working as a team, and shared vision and ideology. There were some groups set for developing the school that influenced the adjustment of positions appropriately to the innovation, and resulted in better transformation of interaction between teacher and learner including efficient and potential management of the school. Index Terms— Small Sized School, Social Innovation, Socially Transformative Process.