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The Relationship Between Creative Leadership and Volunteer Spirit of Khonkaen University Student Leaders

The main aim of this study was to investigate the relationship of creative leadership with volunteer spirit of KhonKaen University student leaders, Thailand. A total of 169 KhonKaen University student leaders in academic year 2015 were selected using stratified random sampling in accordance through drawing lots method. A survey quantitative method was employed using questionnaire which was constructed by researchers as an instrument to collect data. Data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics like frequency, percentage, mean score, standard deviation, and correlation Pearson Product Moment Coefficient. The results of the study indicated that all the dimensions of creative leadership student leaders were at high level. On the other hand, all the aspects of volunteer spirit were found to be at high level too. The highest mean score was shared vision and problem awareness as well as love, generosity, and unity aspects whereas the lowest mean score was network and communication. Creation of volunteer spirit was ‘substantial to very strong’ or ‘very strong’ and significantly related by three types of creative leadership style at significant level of 0.01. Finally, this paper also provided recommendations and suggestions for future research. Index Terms— Creative leadership, student leader, volunteer spirit.