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The Risk Management on Academic Management in School of Prasartpayaphai Cluster Under the Office of Secondary Educational Service Area 25

This study aimed to examine the risk management on academic management thus develop guidelines educational supervision in schools of Prasartpayaphai cluster under the Office of Secondary Educational Service Area 25, KhonKaen, Thailand. Researchers utilized mixed mode method using survey and focus group interview design. A total of 18 school administrators and 190 teachers, giving a total of 208 were involved survey phase of this study as respondents. A total of seven experts were participated in focus group interview. Researchers employed purposive sampling technique for seven experts in focus group interview while multi-stage sampling technique for school administrators and teachers by utilizing Krejcie and Morgan table. Two types of research instruments were utilized in this study namely questionnaire and interview protocol. This study was conducted in two phases. Descriptive statistic like mean score, percentage as well as content analysis were utilized to analyze the obtained data. The results from the first phase indicated that all the dimensions of risk management on academic management were at high level. In addition guidelines of educational supervision are as follows: (i) Supervisors must set a vision and strategic framework, and analyze strengths and weaknesses explicitly, (ii) Set a clear educational supervision calendar; (iii) Identify the problem clearly when supervising, iv) Thoroughly, systematically and continuously appoint board members that have matching abilities with the supervising field in both qualifications and seniority, and (v) Arrange a systematic follow-up evaluation and get the results into practice. Index Terms— Academic Management, Educational Supervision, Guidelines, Risk Management.