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Study on the Influence of Alcoholism on Domestic Violence Among Women in Semmencherry, Chennai

Women and children are the most oppressed people in the community. The problems thrown on them are plenty in number. Likewise the problem and violence imposed on them also is a great threat to their welfare. Alcoholism being consumed men it also affects the lives of the women in their family. With this context, this research intends to study the problems faced by women in their family as their partners consume alcohol. This research project finds the factors reason for domestic violence, the role of alcoholism in the violence caused to them, the psycho social problems faced by them and the preventive measures availed to them to protect from domestic violence. The report is prepared with Introduction to the study, review of literature with appropriate research methodology used. The data are collected from 120 respondents based on that details of Analysis and Interpretation are provided followed by findings and conclusion. Keywords— Domestic violence, Alcoholism, Verbal abuse, Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Psychological problems.