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Emerging Technologies’ Impact on Female and Male Pupils’ Academic Performance: A Case of Zedupad Computer Tablet

The study investigated the impact of emerging technologies (i.e. ZEDUPAD computer tablets) on female and male pupils’ academic performance in Mathematics. The study being a longitudinal, followed a total of one hundred (100) grade six pupils of which fifty-eight (58) were females while forty-two (42) being male. While St Pauls Primary school was purposively selected because of its nature of being a rural school, the pupils were however randomly chosen. Data was collected using questionnaires, direct observation of Mathematics lessons taught using ZEDUPAD computer tablets, midterm, end of term and grade final examinations results. The analysis of data was done thematically for qualitative data while quantitative data, SPSS was used. One of the main finding of the study is that although the use of emerging technologies (i.e. ZEDUPAD computer tablets) helped both female and male pupils’ academic performance improve, the males however benefited more than female pupils. The study further noted that differences in academic performance are not innately caused but largely as a result of cultural, social and economic facets. Among the recommendations that emerged, school authorities, teachers and parents needed to provide equal opportunities to both genders in terms of access, application and exposure to emerging education technologies. Key Words- Emerging technologies, ZEDUPAD computer tablet, Academic Performance