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Relationship Between Energy Dependence and National Security: The Case of Turkey

As it was in the past century, also in 21st century, the most crucial issue that the world countries put emphasize is the energy. The reason is that the technology is developing incredibly fast and as a result is making the humanity more dependent to energy. Energy is one of the most basic needs of social and economic development of the country. Particularly, the states struggle to find the energy, which has become an indispensable input for sustainable economic development by using uninterrupted, safe, clean and cheap methods and also in order to ensure the supply security, they work hard to diversify their sources. İn this study security and energy issues are discussed based on interdependence approach of Keohane and Nye. We concentrate on Turkey's energy relations with countries that have energy sources. It is elaborated that these countries have potential to influence and determine energy strategy of Turkey. In the study, Turkey’s energy dependency and economic relationships with the countries which have energy sources in respect of national security are reviewed. Turkey has been taking three out of four of the energy it consumes from import and has the possibility of getting influenced from negative developments in energy area. In the study, an analysis has been made about the subjects of Turkey’s energy actor role being strengthened against these negative situations for protecting its national security and providing and strengthening interdependence with regional energy actors. Keywords- Energy, Interdependence, Energy Security, Turkey,