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Thai Passenger Behavior: A Case Study of in-Flight Seat Belt Usage

The purposes of this research are to study the behavior of Thai airline passengers' in-flight seat belt use. This paper was a quantitative research. A total of 400 Thai passengers with flying experience were interviewed via questionnaire. The data was analyzed and synthesized to generate new findings of Thai passenger safety knowledge, awareness and behavior. The findings revealed that most Thai respondents know and are aware of the importance of seat belt wearing. Therefore they fasten their seat belt at all times during the flight. However, some of them wear seat belt during take-off and landing only, whereas some do only when the seat belt signs are switched on or should an air turbulence occur. According to an air safety requirement, airline passengers will receive the information on safety belt use by flight attendants before every aircraft take-off, landing and during turbulence, resulting in passengers' awareness of seat belt fastening at all times during the flight. Lastly, passengers know the benefit of seat belt wearing and that means seat belt compliance can reduce the level of injury should an accident occurs. Suggestion for passenger safety is that airline operators should educate passengers on the importance of seat belt usage. The education will lead to the safety awareness, safety action and safety behavior at the end. Even though air accidents are rare these days but it can happen any time, therefore proactive manner should be implemented without warning. Keywords- In-flight Safety, Thai Passenger Behavior, Safety Awareness, Seat Belt Usage.