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Teachings of Islamic Sufism

Sufism is a very important knowledge to be learned and practiced by every Muslim. It is a knowledge that can teach people and develop their soul, emphasizing on the principles of good moral character as practiced by the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). It is also a way to seek Allah’s pleasure. Thus, Sufism is seen as one of a strong platform in the restoration and development of the soul and spiritual aspect. In this aspect, weakness is seen as one of the causes of the existence of various social ills that are currently plaguing the Muslim community. Muslim youth are involved in bullying, gangsterism, theft, robbery, rape, prostitution, drugs, vandalism etc. All these problems are increasing and have become a huge concern from day to day. The Muslim youths’ spiritual deterioration is so severe that it has directly given many negative impacts to the society. Therefore, this paper will discuss on the teachings of Islamic Sufism. Reality is the universal will, the true knowledge, eternal light and supreme beauty, whose nature is self-manifestation, reflected in the mirror of the universe; The world in comparison with the reality is a mere illusion, or non-reality or not-being. Among Sufis, some believed in the oneness of the existence. To them, multiplicity indicated a mode of unity. The phenomenal world is an outward manifestation of the one-real. The Real's essence is above human knowledge. So my little attempt in this paper is that, what is the goal of Sufi Saints about the humanity to understand us teachings of Islamic Sufism? Because by this we achieve the goal of true knowledge and know about God and understand the value of life. Keywords— Sufism, Teachings.