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Determinants Affecting Customer’s Complaint Intention (A Case Study on The State Electricity Company)

This research aims at analyzing four main variables influencing complaint intention. Quantitative method is employed to collect data of the variables of information access, subjective and objective knowledge, and dissatisfaction experience and complaint intention. This research employs cross sectional study involving 120 households gained in systematically random sampling technique in Ciparigi Village, North Bogor District, Bogor City. The respondents in this research are the consumers in the households who make decision to complain. Research result shows that the more they get information about complaint and about the rights and obligations of consumers, and the higher subjective and objective knowledge they get, the more complaint they will make. The complaint intention is significantly influenced by information access they get about complaint, and the motivation to complaint, while the dissatisfaction experience does not necessarily influence the complaint intention. Index terms- complaint intention, experience of dissatisfaction, information access, motivation, objective and subjective knowledge