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New Trend in IAMA System: A New Approach For Predicting Student Performance

Manyeducational institutions in Sultanate of Oman starting to use their scholastic data to predict/classify the behavior and performance of the students in their academic career. To aid in this endeavor we have proposed new unit to the developed iAMA system namedPredicting Student Performance (PSP). The goal of this developed unit is to predict the next grade for upcoming course in a specific group of selected coursesto support decision making for administrator, students, educators, and academic advisors. In this demonstration we present a Compact Prediction Tree (CPT) for developing PSP unit to solve this kind of problem. In order to evaluate the performance of the proposed unit, dataset in CAS (College of Applied Sciences, Oman) were applied as the test problem set. Compared with DG and PMP, our proposed prediction model which is applied in PSP improves the predication accuracy and improves predication result as well. Index Terms- Compact Prediction Tree, Academic Advising,Student’s performance prediction, Sequence predication.