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Waste Management Survey of Bangalore City

The things that are thrown away and is unnecessary to the human beings is generally referred to as waste. These wastes can be recycled and reused. Solid waste is considered to be the third most pollution causing factor in the world. Managing of the solid wastes from the generation at the source through the recovery processes to disposal is called the solid waste management. Waste comes in different forms and they are categorized into different categories like, biomedical waste, biodegradable waste, bulky waste and municipal waste, e-waste etc.. According to the survey conducted and discussed in this paper, people have a lack of segregation knowledge and are not aware about how the wastes are being managed currently. This tells about the people's cognition about waste management in Bangalore. This survey targets all the age groups for the development and the improvisations that can be done in a better manner. Based upon the Waste to Energy (WTE) techniques, which sheds light upon converting wastes to the useful resources, Bangalore can be a much cleaner city. Index Terms— Garbage, Municipal solid waste, Segregation, Waste management, WTE.