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Colourful World of Human Beings With Natural Dyes

Man has a close relationship with nature. There is a deep and indebt association of human beings with nature which refers to the physical world including Soil, Water, Air, Plants and Animals. He depended on nature for his basic needs such as food, shelter and cloths. He started his life with eating raw food and later, with the discovery of fire he started cooking. Similarly first to protect his body from cold and impertinent weather he used cloths which with time has become a part of his luxury and extravaganza. Man was attracted by the colourful kingdom of flora and he used natural colours to dye his fabrics. Natural dyes are obtained from natural sources such as Plants, Animals and minerals. From time immemorial man has been using natural dyes in his robes. History goes back to 2000 BC where dyes are used in Greek. This paper analyses natural dyes obtained from selected Plant species of Pudukkottai region of Tamil nadu state. Keywords— Human beings, Nature, Relationship, Natural dyes.