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The Anomaly Correlation Between Local Society Coercive Actions to The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) of Tuban Boom Beach Indonesia Based on Looking-Glass Self Theory

LGBT is localized throughout the world, including Tuban Boom Beach Indonesia. The activity of LGBT in there is more inclined towards commercial sex. This phenomenon leads to the social control activities from local society in the form of coercive actions, such as physical discrimination, social interaction blockade, mockery, and expulsion. In the contrary along with coercive actions, the number of LGBT keeps raising. This indicates that the coercivefinally is not effective to suppress the activity of LGBT there. The hypothesis emerged that is occurring theoretical implementation of Cooley (1864-1929) named as looking-glass self which the self-personality is developed based on social judgment.The purpose of this research was to determine the correlation between local society coercive actions to the LGBT community in Tuban Boom Beach, Tuban Regency, West Java, Indonesia based on looking-glass self-theory. Research conducted showed that nearly the entire LGBT Boom beach Tuban has been discriminated within a period of approximately 2 years. LGBT assess the action of such discrimination as something unpleasant. Surprisingly, most of respondents gave answers that they have evenmore confident being LGBT. Discrimination action is also rated as things that will strengthen their position as LGBT of Tuban Boom Beach.This phenomenon becomes an anomaly of the social control as expected result in accordance with looking-glass self theory as indicated by the increase in the confidence of LGBT, the reluctance to change their own self based on their original gender, and the repeal to leave the commercial sex amid the high of local society coercive actions Keywords- Tuban, coercive, LGBT, looking-glass self