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The Role of Knowledge Management in Developing The Talents Performance in Organizations

This study aims to determine the impact of Knowledge Management factors on Talent Performance. This paper discusses the possibility of a growing tension between talent progression and capability development which emerges as a result of Knowledge Management and Talent Management strategies. It is argued that the inter-relationship between the increasing trend to develop Knowledge Management strategies leads to developing Talent Management in the organization. Merging of the two concepts, KM&TM , has so far been considered only by human resource scholars who have tended to examine how learning from the field of KM can achieve TM goals. Talent management involves the practice of continuously discovering, developing, using and retaining those people in an organization who are especially valuable in terms of having a great potential for the future of the organization. The knowledge management system includes all of the interacting and interdependent elements that pertain to monitoring and controlling knowledge like: creating knowledge, evaluating knowledge, using knowledge and sharing knowledge. This paper clarifies the knowledge management and reviews various techniques for knowledge representation and examines how the principles of knowledge management (KM) can be used to enhance an organization's talent management (TM). Keywords- KM (knowledge knowledge), TM (talent management), HRM (human resource management), talent management effectiveness assessment, talent development, supporting knowledge exchange, creating knowledge, evaluating knowledge, using knowledge.