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Flow Characteristic of Salt Hydrate Slurry in Phase Change Temperature Range

One of chiller-type air conditioning technology enhancement is the application of phase change material in secondary refrigerant. Secondary refrigerant is employed to absorb air heat to chill rooms and release it in chiller evaporator. Based in temperature, this fluid is capable of flowing in liquid form, and during its phase change temperature, it is in solid- liquid form or slurry. This experiment studies the effect of temperature on flow characteristics by analyzing its parameters; i.e. pressure drop and friction co-efficient. Collected data is pressure difference occurs in copper pipe varied in their flow speeds and temperatures. Tested salt hydrates are CaCl2 and Na2HPO4. The analysis is supported by viscosity values for several temperature conditions resulted in the examination. Fluid temperature decreases have effect on viscosity value increases. The change in viscosity value is also a cause to pressure drop increase and friction factor in salt-hydrate flow. The increase is significant at the temperature moment when solid particle is formed. Keywords— Temperature, Salt-hydrate, Pressure Drop, Viscosity, Slurry.