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The Mediating Role of Perceived Product Quality: The Analysis of Relationship Between Organizational Capability and Customer Value

This research examined the relationship between organizational capabilityand customer valueusing the mediating role of perceived product quality.Data from 105 firms were collected using a survey questionnaire and regression analysis was used for statistic analysis.MedGraphprogramme was adopted and used in this research. Sobel and Kenny and Boron tests were also used forevaluating the mediating effect of perceived product quality on the relationship between organizational capabilityand customer value. Furthermore, the aim was to give guidance to the manufacturers on how they should develop organizational capability, customer value. In addition, the mediatingconstructors was undertaken to inform the model. The variables in model were measured by a number of scale items. Both reliability and validity were demonstrated.The results supportedthe hypotheses and there was a relationship betweenorganizational capability and customer value viathe mediating effects of perceived product quality. These findings will help managers to design and manage organizational capabilityto enhance perceived product qualityin the organization and to increase the customer value. Index terms-Organizational capability, Customer value, Perceived product quality.