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LGBT: An Emerging Lucrative Market For Fashion and Lifestyle

India is a diversified country with so many sub-cultures holding together, however this diversification and differences in values and beliefs to some degree have led to unequal segregation within. The subject of this paper deals with one of such community which has been facing unequal treatment since perpetually especially in India- ‘The LGBT’. Though the scenario has positively changed for them in west but not much progress has been seen in India. Thereby the aim of this paper is to draw the attention of the marketers towards this emerging market which due it’s high spending power is lucrative too. Businesses have believed to change the world; thereby changing the viewpoint of the world towards this community via business is what the author has tried to incorporate. However, marketers may confront challenges in achieving this business sector through mainstream advertising because of the ‘stigma’ attached to homosexuality, which often results in the marginalization of heterosexual consumers. Henceforth certain techniques and communication strategies has been incorporated to achieve the same. Keywords- Homosexuals, Heterosexuals, India, LGBT, Strategies