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Evaluation of Public Transport Bus Network in Bangkok

The purposes of this paper were to study and evaluate the network system of public transportation utilizing public bus service operated in Bangkok, in order to understand the efficiency of the network system as well as to search for the main nodes which are highly affect the performance of the network and the shortest routes as the alternative in case of emergency to reach the main nodes. The scope of this research included all Bangkok bus terminals or bus stops. The author had collected the information of path number, path and bus stop, with interviews conducted with the local passengers in order to locate 80 most important bus stops. The PAJEK program was utilized to define the main nodes which were Pratu Nam, Bang Plad and Phahonyothin, which had heighest Betweenness Centrality equaled to 0.192991, 0.147541 and 0.13871 respectively, and the three busiest nodes which carried highest amount of buses were Ratchayothin, Sam Yan MRT Station and Pratu Nam, which had the Weighted Degree Centrality equaled to 24, 23 and 21 respectively. Keywords- Bus, Network, Public Transportation, Centrality.