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A Critical Review of Role of Women in Family Business

Family Business contributes 60-70 percent of GDP of most developed & developing countries. India is no exception. The importance of family run businesses in the Indian economy, sixty-six of businesses in the India’s super 100 companies are family-run. According to Business Today, family run business account for 25% of India’s Inc.’s sales, 32% of Profits After Tax (PAT), almost 18% of assets and over 37% of reserves. In India it is estimated that 95% of the registered firms are family businesses (Satya Raju, 2008). Because of the significance of family businesses to the Indian economy, research into issues that affect their performance is of critical importance. However, as discussed in the following section, to date, there has been a paucity of family business research both in India and internationally. Keywords— Women, Family Business, Women Empowerment.