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A Critical Review of Influencing Factors For Patient Satisfaction With Reference to Hospital Management For Public Hospital

This paper focus to study of hospital marketing is a specialized field that deals with connecting patients, physicians, and hospitals. Patients nowadays are more aware and more quality conscious than before. It stands to reason that a high level of quality, which can translate into patient satisfaction, is important for a hospital. Consumer satisfaction is important to the hospital because it is generally assumed to be a significant determinant of repeat visit, positive word-of- mouth, and patients’ loyalty. Patients’ perceptions about health services seem to have been largely ignored by health care providers in developing countries. The important reasons to visit government hospitals are minimal charges, geographical proximity, recommended by their friends or relatives. Patients are found to be dissatisfied with the doctors’ checkup. Perceptions, especially about service quality, might shape confidence and subsequent behaviors of patients with regard to choice of hospitals. Keywords— Patients, Patients, Perception, Customer satisfaction.