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The Obligation to Negotiate to Stop Nuclear Arms Race, Nuclear Disarmament, With Emphasis on the Action in the International Court of Justice Marshall Islands

In the contemporary world attention to stop the arms race can be a factor in order to maintain international peace and security and the environment. In the case of Marshall Islands against Great Britain and America, Russia, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan North Korea in 2014 directly referred to this issue. In this case, International Court of Justice proceedings show that the Court point of views based on procedures for peaceful settlement of international disputes and the court due to lack of sufficient evidences and absence of its competence issued the qualification for the issuance of a dictum of stopping the case. The result of this research shows, the mechanisms such as the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and negotiations and the role of international organizations alone cannot meet binding commitments in the field of nuclear weapons and the we need to other international process to strengthen international commitments. Key words- States, Nuclear disarmament, Negotiation, Procedure of the International Court of Justice, Statute of the International Court of Justice.