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Is Muhammad Kamal Hassan Framework of Acquired Knowlegde New?

This paper examines the framework of acquired knowledge by Muhammad Kamal Hassan, a twentieth Malay Muslim thinker in Malaysia. His framework of acquired knowledge namely Islamisation of Human Knowledge (IOHK) is believed has received an influence from the framework of the great Muslim theologian, Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (d.1111). Therefore, this paper employs a critical analysis on his writings on IOHK in order to evaluate the originality of the development of his framework and how far his framework has differed from al-Ghazali. As Hassan’s framework has been applied in IIUM, this paper also aims to investigate the practicality of Hassan’s framework of IOHK in order to drive an alternative path for reformation, and provide a different solution to wards the issue of the dualistic mode of education, between religious sciences and secularised, modern system of education. Keywords- Acquired Knowledge, Islamic Education, Integration of Knowledge, and Islamic Epistemology