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Social Capital and Vital Satisfaction: The Pink and Blue Puzzle

This paper approaches the relationship between migration, social capital and vital satisfaction from a gender perspective. The importance of this approach lies in considering the concept of social capital as a tool for analysing the personal development process, emphasizing the different social dimension of men and women. This analysis is based on three types of social capital: bonding, bridging, and linking, and examines their relationship with individual’s perceived life satisfaction. The existence or absence of social networks as well as the nature of ties are considered key factors in the success or failure of an immigrant’s life project. This paper presents an empirical study on a convenience sample of immigrants in Valencian Community. The results suggest that positive or negative synergy between these three types of social capital takes a different way for men and women to determine whether immigrants have better perceived life satisfaction. That is, immigrants' life satisfaction is associated with the structure of their social capital which is different among men and women. Index Terms- migration, bonding, bridging and linking social capital, life satisfaction, gender.